to dream, perchance to find

her full heart overflows into dreams

     beautiful things

     wonderful thoughts

     life-changing plans

she reaches out to grasp them

they evaporate, waft away on the breeze

one by one her lovely dreams are left undone


     what’s the use of dreaming without doing?

     or reaching without realization?

     here i stand with barren hands before you

     here i stop with empty arms

          here I wait with open arms to hold you

          here I long to fill your hands with Mine

          I am the Realization of your reaching

          the Origin, Completion of your dreams

          the Answer to your questions

          reach for Me, cling to Me

          you are Mine

 her full heart overflows into song

     hymns of praise

     tears of joy

she reaches out to Him

He takes her hands, holds her heart

step by step she learns to trust

to wait for Him to accomplish

          take My hand, reach with Me, dream again