mind and body and soul

i believed a lie that my body was worthless

self-ruined, self-destructing

that others loathed it as much as i had come to

i believed a lie that my mind was the ultimate

the only part of me worthwhile

only loveable when disembodied

i believed a lie that my soul was grounded

because my body was a fetter

and my mind was proud and cold

but then someone saw past the body

and ignored the processes of the mind

finding something interesting

in what i can only suppose was my soul

i came to realize the reality was this

people loved me not singlely but as a whole

for mind and body and soul were inseperable

combined into one, which was the essence of me

at this i stood amazed

realizing that the One who created

mind, body and soul loved me completely

and had given me flaws to remind me

that He was the only, ultimate Perfection