nine years ago i saw you there

the international gate at chicago o’hare

being kissed and hugged as you bade farewell to your family

up in the air i forgot about you

who you were i hadn’t a clue

you wore glasses and your voice squeaked when you talked

i never said hello

no, i never said hello

i never said hello

’til you said goodbye …

six years between still could be friends

happily for me the story began

you were like the big brother i had always wanted

snaps of midget doors and giant shoes

abandon the shy — what’s there to lose?

we talked and played and i finally felt at home

then our time ran out

and then our time ran out

then our time ran out

and we had to say goodbye

“shake or hug” the option you gave

shake but smile the choice i made

we’ll write, we promised, waving our final farewells

nine years later no word has come

what did i neglect or leave undone?

i feel like part of me is gone and i’m still just …

wondering why

wondering why

wondering why

you left me at goodbye