Chesterton parcel


The Chesterton parcel includes both the Advent and Midsummer collections + additional spring & autumn poem + four 4×6 prints + 12-month photography calendar. This year’s calendar theme is Scotland.

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The Chesterton poetry parcel features Advent- and Midsummer-themed collections of original poems, prose and photography by yours truly, plus a bonus poem each for spring and autumn. Four 4×6 photos, printed on high-quality paper and corresponding to the themes, are also included. This parcel also includes a 12-month calendar printed on individual high-quality 5×7 paper cards. When the year’s finished, the calendar portion can be trimmed off, and the remaining 5×5 print is suitable for display or mailing as an oversized postcard. This year’s calendar theme is Scotland.

The Advent parcel + calendar ships* in late November or early December, and the Midsummer collection ships in July; the Spring poem and print will ship in April, and the Autumn poem and print will ship in September.

Shipping and tax are included in the price.

*Supply chain, technology or other delays are always possible. If there will be a delay in shipping, I’ll notify you. Poetry parcels may be ordered at any time; however, your initial shipment will correspond with the time of year at which the order was placed. For example, orders placed in November 2021 will receive the Advent collection and calendar as their first parcel, as will orders placed through the end of January 2022. Orders placed from February through May will receive the Spring poem and print as their first shipment, and the two poetry collections and the calendar received will be those that are published in 2022.