all now mysterious

A chapbook for 2020, featuring 6+ new poems (including an Advent cycle), a new essay and new photographs shot specifically for this work. At 48 pages, this is also my largest collection to date.



the hours of ordinary time

A chapbook for autum and winter 2019, with a new cycle of Advent poems, a new essay and extensive photography of Scotland and Germany. This collection is 40 pages.



go look and see

A 2019 chapbook of poems for Lent, Easter and springtime, and my first mid-year collection. It also features two new essays and two new photo series. This collection is 40 pages.



no forgotten grave

A chapbook for 2018, this collection features an O Antiphons-themed Advent cycle, new essays and extensive new photography from Badlands National Park and Bannack State Park in Montana. It is my first 40-page collection.



the beauty behind

A chapbook for 2017 with an Advent cycle of prose poems, a couple of new essays, and work from two new photography projects, this collection is 24 pages.



all things bright and broken

A chapbook for 2016, this collection features an Advent cycle, new poems, a new essay, and extensive photography of Ireland. It is 24 pages.



groaning glory

A chapbook for 2015, and the first collection I produced. It features an Advent cycle, a short story, short essay-type writing, travel photography, and an original fairytale. It is 24 pages.