in denial

seemingly she’s


her eyes to what everyone can

see plainly

to them a complicated


to her




fuzzy and gray

anyone watching sees the lines


colors mixing

paths and signals crossing

or maybe that’s the problem

but she still blocks the


is it innocent or purposeful

that’s the unanswered question

they always have

to ask


One thought on “in denial

  1. Complications always ensue when no one will see how self-interest could be extended to the love of all if they would accept it without a fight, but without clarity of purpose everyone can be seen as unfocussed…
        Cyrano’s Sword
    I look for that elusive love answer
    promising relief and defeat
    of evil sorrows loosed
    on the world by swords
    forged in ignorance

    I don’t yet see how
    harp words are mightier
    than the thunder swords
    of nature’s fury
    striking out like
    a twisted tree branch
    of doom

    For their protuberance,
    even swordfish sword play
    although they eat not tubers
    like men with sword poles
    who cast in waters
    for fighters and the
    fishy taste of war

    When there’s pillaging in the village,
    the women who love love
    want the men to fight
    to love them from harm.

    We shall be nosey
    sniffing for evil before perfume
    having pearls before swine

    We must lust for a fight
    and fight for a lust
    if we are to blow our own noses.

    Without a love fight
    I’d have cold
    to sneeze away my life
    because harp words
    are not sharp swords
    Free Verse

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