so shall i

so shall i

promise to miss you when

you’re miles away

so shall i weep and become

blue without


so shall i refuse comfort and

sink into a

depression a



positive that i’ve

hit upon the

worst of times


or instead smile when i

hear your name


and laugh when i

remember our

adventures together

and sing as if your voice

was harmonizing with mine

again the way it

used to

and nod in


when someone praises

God for

dappled things

and dance in the rain

in the puddles

like a child

and watch in awe of the night

the stars shining bright

remembering when we counted meteors

and chewed

grass stems

and couldn’t care less

for those were the best

of times


misery loves company


why i’m alone

but i’ll think of you

so shall i do

until you come home


One thought on “so shall i

  1. A.J. Anderson says:

    Would love to get in contact with whoever wrote this it hit a groove in my mind and sounds alot like different things of mine contact me if you would like.excellent

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