vague realities

i am not a lonely person.  i am probably one of the least lonely people i know.  but i feel detached.

yes, detached.  as if i’m separated (or have separated myself) from other people, and am just floating around in a bubble.  in the little world i’ve created.  the little grey world where i go when i don’t understand things or get stressed out by life or get overwhelmed.

it’s nice in this little grey world.  it’s grey, after all, so there’s no stark reality staring me in the face, demanding to be dealt with.  stark realities are banned from the world of my bubble, and i just float around until i come to rest somewhere.  while i’m in the bubble i don’t have to worry about homework or depressed friends or what my heart has run off and done without me this time.  it’s safe.

i like safe.

but i’m not sure i like detached.