post-midnight rambles

it’s almost 1:30.  in the morning.  oh boy.

“and what have you been up to, m’dear?” you query.

oh, you know, just the usual.  homework, reading silly online stories, tearing my toenails off and realizing i’ve just gotten blood all over my left “pedro offers his protection” sock.

and no, i’m not even kidding.

i’m also hungry as a bear.  well, maybe as a small … er, what sort of animal would i be, if i were an animal?  this is a good question.  i don’t know if i’ve ever considered it before.

y’know, wordpress has an entry bar for tags.  they give a few examples, one of which is “pet food.”

okay, seriously, how many people are out there blogging about pet food?  you’d think they’d at least use “love” as an example tag.

or are most people more concerned about pet food than love these days?

well, hopefully my toe has stopped bleeding.  if it has, then i can crawl into my nice, warm bed (my computer corner is always freezing, so i’m wearing two hoodies), read my jeremiad for the day, then go to sleep.

and wake up at 6:45.  ee.  i don’t know if even the funny story that kept me up this late was worth it.

good night, good luck and i love you