letting go

i promise myself that

i will never give up on you

i will never let you quit and say


i will never let you bear your pain


i will always be there

always listen

always care

always love

always bear your burdens

for you as

best i can

but then i try

and it doesn’t work

because nothing i can

do will

ease the pain forever

and nothing i can do will

erase your mistakes and


and when i realize this

i am crushed beneath the

weight of my own

inadequacy and


what am i supposed to

do if i can’t

do it all?

i fall to my


despairing and



i tell myself i’ll

hold on to my right to

heal you and

help you if i never

do anything else

and i clench my fists


but He takes my hands

pries them open

finger by


He lifts my face

wipes the tears and tells me

it’s not my burden to

bear alone

He bore yours and


and a billion others and

was alone

He holds my hands

looks into my eyes


let go, child

let go

and i look back at Him

and i don’t want to

let go

because it’s hard

it hurts

i like to be

in control

but He says

let go …

how do i?