the growing of thought

some would say they

murdered the language

others that they

murdered reason

writing as they do

all small or

all big

with either too many or

no stops at all


words that don’t follow and

thoughts turned

upside down

and inside out

ideas that stretch one’s

brain in entirely

unnatural directions

as if they wanted to

turn your brain inside

out and jump on it

a good deal

but minds aren’t all

shaped the same way


bent and skewed by

war and ancient newness

and the overthrow of power

and the love of rebellion

either be all new or

revive the archaic

or both and neither

at once

but my thoughts

how do they grow?

slowly unfolding

like new leaves

maturing and deepening

roots in rich earth

and they come out in

a fashion logical to


but does my lowercase

oddly broken and

mostly unpunctuated style

make sense to anyone else?

i suppose

in some ways

that it doesn’t matter

because the thoughts are

my own