woden’s day

today’s symphony is the dog’s heavy breathing

as she sleeps by the curtained windows

pale, translucent stripes of probably cotton

mask and filter the bleak outdoors

darkened oak boughs of the world’s tree criss-cross the sky

while woden waits for freya’s kiss of life

and the world seeks persephone’s awakening, demeter’s joyful tears of welcome

the brassy ticking of the clock acts as the bassline

for muffled birdsong

rumbles of traffic and whoosing water

provide occasional countermelodies

surely woden is sleeping with the dog

as thor and freya will in turn

there is nothing to do —

boudicca’s battles are over, the morrigan out of work

daffyd’s flowers begin to bloom

but his day is forgotten again

despite talk of dragons and freedom

the light is heart-breakingly white in front of janus’ locked doors

melody has decayed into silent, disparate cacaphony

dog sleeps, toes sleep, muses sleep, the world sleeps

and woden is only a sleepy day-dream