as you were

obey the understood imperative without question


but how?

never is there any going back

only forward

away from all pasts

time creeps and rushes along

on the sound of the neighbours calling loudly

the crickets chirping

and the smell of grass in the spring

as you

but there is the hesitancy

if wishes were realities

the world might fall apart

tugged in a thousand opposite directions

all in an instant

who is to say that time was wasted

if there were lessons?

just because three people define something one way

does not mean you do the same

a sudden sound from across the street

does not mean the neighbour killed his wife

as you

but how is one to tell

even if one really wants to know?

perhaps things are left unsaid for a reason

falsehoods might be taken as truths if uttered

is everything lost in abstraction?

it is not right for the obtuse

to suffer acute pain

for being insatiably curious to the end of their days

mona lisa’s smile is always a mystery

as you