honest words

shall i say it blatantly

be blunt and ruthless

wrathfully honest

reservations cast aside?

my business is words

but i don’t know how to say

something still unresolved

within me like this is

the task of saying it

like the issue itself

is problematic and

annoys me to no end

when i need the words

to explain myself

and they won’t come

how can i say it?

some things i must

say and some i should

refrain from saying

i know this, i do

i will be quite honest

i’ve fallen easily before

now i fight and i prickle

only be honest with me

i’m far from fragile

but my shell is safe

and i will put it up

if i need shielding

maybe i misunderstand

misapprehensions amiss

might i be mistaken?

i certainly hope so

these are my words

cautious and caustic

bashful and blatant

keep them in mind