wolves on tuesday

i wonder who tuesday is for.

is it tiu, the only one brave enough

to stop the fenrus wolf, rewarded

for his bravery by losing his hand

to the wolf’s razor-sharp teeth?

or perhaps it’s for the twins of rome,

romulus and remus, raised by a wolf.

is this a day for lupine lovers?

the biologists and zoologists say

that all of canis was once lupis.

my mother insists this is impossible

because all wolves have yellow eyes.

i don’t follow the logic of this statement,

but prefer to save my two cents from

the eternal argument that is never resolved.

this craft of mine, this wordsmithing

and wordplay, makes the mundane thoughts

of a slow news day sparkle in the light

of language.   is it misanthropic to fear

lycanthropes or their near cousins? 

they hold no particular place in my heart,

although they have fascinated superstitious

people for centuries.  neither do i dislike

them.  they’re a part of tiu’s day, the day

of the twins severed in twain, my tuesday.