forgive, forget, fight

yesterday afternoon i resolved to stop thinking about you because every thought made me angry and hurt

but evening came with the admonition to keep doing battle for you on my knees

so here i am

will you forgive me for the misunderstandings and bitter feelings? 

i don’t have the right to judge you, especially when i don’t know what you’re going through

i’m sorry i’ve never been there to help you, never really wanted to give of myself for your sake

i can’t see the future, but i know that the present doesn’t have to be stuck in the past

look up, look up at the stars!  was it hopkins who said that?

anyway, look up!  He’s weeping and joying over you — what’re you doing?

what painful thoughts are these your lowered brow covers? asked dante

and i ask the same of you

is there anything i can do?

anger and bitterness are laid aside — no matter what you do, i’ll still fight for you

on my knees