(whe)re/(ther)e you are

come home

i’ve missed you unreasonably lately

and unseasonably

because i know things will

be different

this time around

it won’t be

like before

when you went away

and changed from

boy to man

but it will be

all the same because

you’ve been gone

so long

something happened

that i didn’t


and i wonder how that

will play out in

your future

i miss you

but probably for

entirely selfish


yet i hope not

i will stand on the

sidelines and watch

with great interest

as the acts of

your life


i wonder if

my role

has any lines

but that is about


and this is


wherever home


go there


2 thoughts on “(whe)re/(ther)e you are

  1. totalanonimity says:

    I liked it.

    I feel the anticipation and uncertainty of the one you have loved or love in your insecurity.

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