dreamin’ in color

some people have repeated dreams

that they’re flying

or falling or

being smothered to death

you know what i dream about?

that my teeth are falling out

but that’s not always the topic —

once i dreamed that a guy

proposed to me in our church basement

with a borders gift card

instead of a ring

i dreamed about something so beautiful

that it hurt, and the memory of

emotion remained with me

even after waking, although i’d

forgotten the actual dream

i’ve wondered whether it’s possible

to dream in black and white

mine are always alice-in-wonderland

bright and vivid and surreal

even the darkest of nightmares

and this is what makes them

so frightening

i think i’ve glimpsed the future

but i’m not going to put stock

in this fantastic wasteland

for so sometimes i consider the

isle of dreams — if they all came

true i’m afraid the glorious visions

would be far outweighed by the

ghastly nightmares spun by tricksters


somewhere in dreamland lies truth

or so i’ve heard

how much and how often

is debatable

i hope yours come true


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