bohemians in summer

green ash seeds whisper underfoot in the stone-paved alleyway of trees

rustic wooden benches converse silently, waiting patiently to be filled

the fairytale-hued giants play badminton on the lawn days without end

while we run around beneath and on them, like ants at our own picnic

bare brown feet frolicking and cavorting on summer sunlit evenings

let’s go to provence and hear the country folk speak in lavender tones

break crusty bread and inhale the scent of yeast and love and dreams

eat creamy white cheese, rub the soft noses of dark-eyed guernseys

raise our glasses and watch the dying sun sparkle in the red depths

let’s go sit with the ghosts of yesterday and ride the white horse vale

get sunburnt in the land of dragons picking daffodils on wild hills

swim offshore of pebbly beaches and then devour flaky sole fillets

lock ourselves in the tower and count every bridge on the thames

it’s summer, and the beauty of dreams must wait until tomorrow

atlas carried the world on his back but it’s palm-sized for Him

let my exhausted mind dissolve like cleopatra’s pearl in vinegar

the yellow croquet ball spins crazily across the green meadow

you are sun-browned, funny face, and my heart smiles again