where is the quiver

and where is the bow

consigned to the fire

consumed by the snow

where is the bird

and where is its cage

destroyed in the grip

of fury and rage

where is the laughter

and where are the tears

cold in the ashes

encumbered with fears

where are the answers

and where is the quest

lost in the riddles

unanswered at best

where is the heart

and where is the home

sunken in silence

engraved in the stone


3 thoughts on “riddle

  1. The use of rhyme in poetry requires two things: the ability to use it well, and courage. You appear to have both. Well done. I enjoyed this and look forward to reading more of your writing.

  2. wow! I love this one! Seriously, this one is among best of your poems. When I thought to pick some lines that I liked most, I couldn’t. Well, I liked whole poem, each sentence and every word.

    Keep going…..
    Bless You!

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