i’m in love with a dead man

from the bookshelves: the heart of a goof by p.g. wodehouse

if you have not yet discovered the hilarity that is p.g. wodehouse, i pity you.

and admonish you strongly to run to your local library as soon as possible and check out at least one of his books.

p.g. wodehouse, in case you didn’t know, is the author of such delightful books as love among the chickens and the excellent jeeves and wooster series, among others.  his comic novels and short stories about golfing, hollywood and the british uppercrust of the 1920s (just to name a few subjects) are still wildly popular today, and have even been made into multiple television series (wodehouse playhouse and jeeves and wooster).  but anyway.  you should read them.

my friend miss b. and i share a common love for wodehouse and all things wodehousian (although i’m not sure how she feels about golf.  i have to confess that i personally do not find it enthralling), so tonight we met at a local barnes and noble to read some of his scintillating writing aloud.  we read one hilarious passage describing a fellow who does an impression of a chicken laying an egg.

“a guy who acts like he lays eggs?” you query dubiously, your raised eyebrow quirking your face into an ever-so-slightly skeptical expression.

yes.  trust me, it’s a lot funnier reading the actual passage than reading my opinion on how funny i think the passage is.   so go out and rent it — it’s a george mulliner story.