too late for inspiration

too late at night, that is, to write posts that would give credit to the thoughts rolling around in my head right now.  there were two tremendous high points to today, however.

the first was that it was in the low 60s temperature-wise and it rained all day.  that might sound miserable to some of you, but it was beautiful after temperatures in the high 80s, lots of humidity, and no rain.  besides, i love wet, chilly weather like this.  i was really excited because i got to break out my green cord writer’s jacket, my long black scarf and my atrocious black earflap hat.  it was superb.

and, as if God hadn’t blessed me enough today, He also gave me a job!  that was thrilling, especially since it’s my first job and i’d gotten a little disheartened after repeated rejections.  but i actually got two jobs offers!  the one i accepted is a five-minute drive from my house and is full time with a great salary, especially for someone just starting out in the journalism field.

He does exceedingly abundantly, beyond all we could ask or imagine.