punchin’ my card

i started my new job yesterday.  oh boy.  it is a great job, and i’m ever so very grateful that God gave it to me, but it’s … stressful right now.  not major “oh my gosh i’m gonna tear my hair out!” stress, mind you.  more like “oh my gosh why do i feel like such an incompetent idiot!” stress.  i’m having to learn how to use quark (version 4.1).  it’s a cool program.  it lets you do a lot of things.  but oh my, are there ever so many details to learn.  it’s like working at the kansanall over again, only this time i actually get paid and i don’t get newbie-level instructions.

knowing that every morning i am going to get up at 6:30, get dressed, eat breakfast and take my five-minute drive to work is quite a strange feeling.  in college i had a routine, sure.  but this is soroutine.  i’ve worn panty hose and wedges two days in a row now.  it is not yet a soul-inspiring job, but it is a job that will inspire discipline, something i need desperately.  already i’ve been going to bed a lot earlier.

until i figure out this new schedule for my “new life” i probably won’t have huge amounts of time to blog here or on my poetry blog,  but i’ll be sure to fit creative writing in somewhere.  unleashing my insanity is what keeps me sane, after all.