love, husbands and humility

good news from the land of littlepeace.  my job has gotten less stressful each successive day.  well, okay, thursday was a bit stressful, but that’s because it’s production day and we had just two people to design the whole paper.  and yeah, i’m still learning how that works.  but it wasn’t so bad, all in all.

i re-decided today that i’m going to marry a man from the british isles and we are going to move there.  i say “re-decided” because i made up my mind on this point several years ago, but i just remembered it full-force again today.  i think it’s the weather and the approaching of october.  we always went to germany in october, and it’s often misty and cool in england (though it was blazing hot when we were there — but that was in july).  i love drinking tea!  i love wearing sweaters!  oh, how i am home-away-from-homesick for germany and england and holland and wales.

and lately i’ve been very content for it to just be God and me right now, but for some odd reason today was a day of yearning for the unknown and the new and different and i wanted to be anywhere but here, in kansas, in the hurricane-induced humidity.  (note:  never catch me on a particularly humid day.  i’ll probably be grumpy.)  it’s frustrating seeing your friends go thither and yon when you’re just … stuck.  but soon it will be cool again, and i shall be happy as the grass is green again.