dream within a dream

it was an accident no one could have planned

she stumbled over him in a crowded room

literally falling into his lap

they were complete strangers

but he didn’t make her get up

so she sat there

head resting on an unknown shoulder

melting into foreign arms

she should have been frightened

he should have been alarmed

but an odd peace had settled over them

a quiet contentment

they could have sat there for ages

oblivious to the rest of the world

his face buried in the dark waves of her hair

while she idly wondered what he looked like

but they were parted abruptly

she felt tremendous sorrow

as though some secret part of her had died

fearing she’d never see him again

yet there he stood in the doorway

as she played with a borrowed baby

his golden hair ablazeĀ against the setting sun

it was hard finding you, darling

but what was i to ask?

do you know the girl who steals

men’s hearts upon falling into their arms?

that would have never done

but here you are

and though she didn’t know his name

she knew she belonged to him

as they held hands in the twilight

memorizing each other’s eyes