no goodbyes

you turned around and walked away

not a word of explanation

no hasty letter of farewell

four years and i knew nothing

your father’s hair turned white

your mother couldn’t smile

and you wonder why i’m angry?

tears welled up in her swampy eyes

wound paths through her freckles

white face reddened, impassioned

you wonder why he hates you?

you might have been dead

but you weren’t — just selfish

something like that is unforgivable

her shoulders heaved with sobs

he stood there quietly, watching

wondering if words were worthwhile

here was the third face of the pyramid

the heartbreak he’d never faced

this was really her —

he’d always truly been himself

though the first man had usurped

the weeping prophet for a while

she’d borne good news upon him

yet he’d extinguished her light

he couldn’t form words he didn’t know

reaching out a tentative hand

he caught a tear from her cheek

and watched it shining

in the dying sun’s embers