conversation that didn’t happen

he was telling his girl that he just wanted to get to know her

only it was more like shouting or groaning than crooning

he swore that he wasn’t the person he’d been before

which had to be awkward for her to a certain extent

my dear boy, i wanted to say, you need some creativity

every songsmith and his dog has written this song already

and she knows you don’t mean to stop at merely knowing her

because men always have hidden meanings in statements like that

if you’re not who you were will she like who you are now?

she might pummel you with felted stones in disgust

an audience of adoring fans separated the two of us

he had the bravery to stand and sing where i didn’t

never being creative myself when it came to songwriting

so i smiled and laughed and clapped my cold hands

as he took his final bow in the crowded coffeeshop