syllable is self-explanatory

be incomprehensible for the sake of being misunderstood

and reinterpreted according to the popular mythology

of the vitamin-depleted social stream of unconsciousness

the anorexic waif-eyed wastrels will praise wandering works

giving too-deep explanations of obfuscated meaning

oh life is beautiful and love is a rare infusion of feeling

not pretentious as e.e. cummings but still in lowercase

and without all the commas gertrude hated and hoarded

no one knows what zen means because it doesn’t need to

eschewing disillumination went out with daliesque dada

cut up midsummer’s day into a paper hat and rearrange

to suit the whimsy of the wind’s warfare against recreants

who being poets write everything down in invisible ink


One thought on “syllable is self-explanatory

  1. e.e.cumings was a bit of a punk I think, so are many of the rest. wastrals and recreats, hiding out in bars, cafes or MacDonalds. they’re there, they know and thier invisable ink won’t get past the enemy. but the right hands are where the treasures of literature will land upon. odds: 7/1.

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