i-am not awake yet

all the people i’ve dreamed about i never thought you’d

be one of them

’cause really i

don’t know you that well

every day i wonder how

far away the future is since i can’t seem to

grasp the grassiness of life

how is this supposed to work?

i can’t read people anymore

jokes are the only thing we can tell and we’re

kind of like strangers all over again

laughing out loud but dying inside

must it be this way?

no one likes to be all alone forever

or maybe i missed my chance

persuaded saying something would make them hate me

quitters never get anywhere but

ripping my heart out after the fact is a

silly way to make amends for not caring

the first time around the block

usually i’d kick you out but i don’t think you’re like that

very seldom do i not ruin friendships like this —

will you help me stay

exactly the same as i was before dreaming?

yesterday i never thought of this; today my mind’s a