brownie and scamp

sometimes i see you sitting there

smiling secretly to yourself

and i wonder what’s so funny

like i wonder what colour your eyes actually are

i can’t look too closely — you might catch me

and ask ‘what are you doing, scamp?’

and i’d say ‘brownie, i hardly know, myself’ —

only i couldn’t say it so i’d mumble

that cheshire cat grabs my tongue so quickly

one day you’ll come see me sitting here

smiling secretly to myself

and you’ll wonder what’s so funny

but you cut all your curls off

so no one would mistake you for a misplaced provencal patriot

you’d ask me ‘what are you doing, scamp?’

and i’d say ‘brownie, you don’t have any freckles’

you’ll never believe me because my ballet dress

is an upside-down artichoke blossom

i’ll wave my cattail in the air mockingly

huck finn’s sarah with bare, muddy toes

i’m keeping secrets everyone knows

just imagine, brownie, the adventures you’ve never had

because you’ve never known a scamp quite like me