kindred spirits

017as a fan of l.m. montgomery’s anne series, i’m also a big fan of kindred spirits (“two minds with but a single thought,” and all that).  i had coffee tonight with one of my kindred spirits, miss b.  well, okay — ostensibly we had coffee, but she actually had earl grey and i had hot chocolate.  sadly enough i discovered a couple of weeks ago that consuming caffeinated beverages anywhere in the evening keeps me awake half the night.  and i’m not a morning person as it is.

but back to miss b.  i always enjoy time spent with her.  we share similar tastes in books, music, chocolate, men who would be ideal to marry (i.e. james marsden as journalist kevin doyle in 27 dresses), love owls and birds in general, and both mostly dislike the colour pink.  even though we don’t see each other all that often (a sad fact which hopefully we shall remedy this year) we always have plenty to talk about.  another nice thing about miss b. is that she can talk just as much as i can.  and i can talk a lot, let me tell ya.


One thought on “kindred spirits

  1. wishjoy says:

    I love Anne of Green Gables and I love kindred spirits, it is a sweet pleasure in life. Much better than coffee, there are some great teas with little or no caffeine!

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