wednesday recap

tunage: a good day, by priscilla ahn

thing of the day: paul mitchell tea tree lavender mint shampoo

today, my friends, was a day rife with many opportunities to learn or otherwise practice patience.  and oh dear, sometimes i am not very patient at all.  so i guess it was good that God had the patience thumbscrews on me.

but on to the happier moments of wednesday, of which there were many.  the temperature was in the mid-60s and the sky was absolutely beautiful.  i would venture to call it gorgeous, but i happen to hate that word because a girl in my comp. ii class said it so often i wanted to scream (no, i do not need anger management.  no i don’t).  even though that was five years ago i still dislike the word.  i did, however, have a generous amount of time this morning in which to think, so i used it to identify several words of which i am particularly fond.  they are, in the order of which i thought of them:

note:  if your colleagues are not wordsmiths by nature they might give you an odd look or two when you tell them what words you’re looking up in the real, heavy, solid dictionary sitting on your desk.  but i was only told because i was asked.

when the day is warm and spring-like — whether it’s actually spring yet or not — i start thinking about all the spring-time things i enjoy.  evidently spring makes me think of chicken salad, because that’s what i made today for lunch.  it was very good, too, although i think i could improve upon it if i didn’t have to drive home, rummage in the cupboards, make the chicken salad, let the dog out, make my sandwich, eat it, let the dog back in and leave for work, all in the space of an hour.  here, however, is my recipe, as it currently stands, for your gastronomical enjoyment:

mia-mia chicken salad:

not quite chicken, but i make a mean spinach salad, too.

1 can cooked chicken, drained

most of one orange bell pepper

walnut pieces

plain yoghurt (the whole milk kind, not the gross fat-free stuff)

smoked paprika, garlic power, fresh cracked pepper and cayenne pepper

put the walnuts into an oven-safe pan and put them under the broiler until they are browned but not burnt.  or, if you realize you tend to be forgetful, put them in a 350 degree fahrenheit oven for 10 minutes, or until browned.

put the chicken in a largish bowl and stir in enough of the yoghurt so that the chicken’s all covered in it (probably around 1/2 a cup, but i didn’t measure it).  cut the orange pepper into small pieces and stir into the chicken/yoghurt mixture.  hopefully the nuts should be toasted by now, so toss those in, too, and stir it all up.  if you hear crackling noises when you put them in, that’s good.  don’t be afraid of the noises your food makes.  season with smoked paprika, garlic power, cracked black pepper and cayenne pepper to taste.  serve on preferrably whole grain bread, but in keeping with the delicate nature of chicken salad, you can also use crusty french or sourdough bread.  i just didn’t have any.  it would probably taste good with some lettuce or spinach on the sandwich, too.

note:  you can put a little sea salt in the chicken salad if you find it too bland.  i didn’t because we’re a low sodium household, and people tend to rely on salt too much for flavour, anyway, instead of using their perfectly good spices.  at least, that’s my opinion.

happy wednesday to you!