eveline reminisces

i have pocketed you away with the night

stormy souls slipping silently out

to comingle with rain and morning mist

how i have missed you since you left

since i determined to kill the new growth

on the viney deadwood of my heart

to be apart was a withering wrenching

but to be tossed together a torment more terrible

shall you compel me to render up my pride

or has your heart died as well within you

as had i hoped by now mine would

is it too late for prodigals to forgive, forgetting

the gall we laved on each other’s open wounds

you are a ghost who haunts my daymares

giving me only the solace of lethe’s sleep

what is the cost of honest humility

when my hands lie empty and idle

i have worshipped, i have coveted, i have mourned

i have hated, i have died —- i have loved

and in so loving i longed to die to live again

if i let go this time i shall be lost in you

flying away into indigo clouds of night