greetings from the wasteland

well, look at me — i’m finally updating!  and at … almost 1 a.m. that is very much not a good thing, considering i have to get up for work in the morning. and most likely wash my hair.


i have been very busy, it is true, but mostly with good things that have made legitimate claims on my time and/or creativity. being in a wedding, for example. then going on a whirlwind tour of the midatlantic with my parents. or participating as much as possible (when i wasn’t working) with mission to the city kansas city (i promise i will post pictures and an explanation eventually). or even just working. that takes a lot of energy out of a person.

and you know, this disturbing trend develops out of brain fatigue. i have an insatiable appetite for mindless books. which is not a good thing, partially because i have all these really great books i need to finish and they are not mindless (rather to the contrary, they require the mind to be engaged while reading), and partially because books about mindless things are not good for the mental stomach. i need to work on that.

here are some random thoughts: i was recently introduced to boca burgers and am decidedly in favor of them, and cucumbers taste good in smoothies (as long as you have a lot of other fruits in there so you don’t get smacked down by a whopping big cucumber taste).

okay, that’s about it for now, i think.