an unexplored thought

i realized tonight that there’s so much more to people than what i normally see. why is that? am i just not paying attention?

well, obviously, that must be part of it.

but as to whether people don’t want the entirety of their lives known/on display … is it okay to say ‘yes, this is a sticky topic for you so i’m never going to ask you about it,’ or instead should one say ‘oh heck no, i’m not letting you get away with hiding behind your comedic mask of tragedy. no sirree bob.’

maybe that’s being a little facetious.

still — how far does this go? if we’re supposed to be a family, a community, a body, we’ll by necessity be in each others’ lives all the time, in sticky, awkward places we don’t want to go or let people come into.

where do we draw the line … or do we draw one at all?



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