beautiful minds

(saturday, march 12, 2011)

driving through the darkness tonight

i put myself on autopilot

and dove into pools of lamplight

thinking of you and your

beautiful minds

the more i listen to you

the more i think God

must’ve removed the ceiling

from your skull of thought

and let the stars pour through

or given you more than

three dimensions in which to live

and so alive are you it’s frightening

with the fierceness of genius

and the pain of beauty

your thoughts paint the world

in ancient sacred hues

and you’ll sing till your fingers bleed

and cry till you dance, laughing

from the reality i am blind to.

i can see the words written

all over your face.

i can hear it shouting

in the things you never say.

sometimes — oh, sometimes!

i feel it for a golden moment

a glitter of the Greater in the

back of my mind

but then it goes again,

and again i shuffle around

in the grey dawn of twilight

where people are safe and tired

oh, what eyes have you got on

to see the way you do?

perhaps your sight is found

in what cannot be seen

and that is why i am blind.

i think you have less of a curse

than you could ever realize

because the rest of us cannot

think as you do if we try

and thereby miss all the majesty

you soak into your bones.

this is why my heart breaks

at just a tiny taste

but one day we’ll all have

beautiful minds