bread and wine

” … but a body You have prepared for Me …” — hebrews 10:5b

he breaks the bread with savage tenderness

pours the wine with a steady hand

“come, children, eat”

do this in remembrance of Me

i tear a piece off

the half loaf in the basket

careful to catch my crumbs

this is Your body, broken for me

slowly i dip it in the wine

watch the dark drops fall

back into the cup

this is Your blood, poured out for me

i am Yours, and you are mine

here is mystery divine

i in You and You in me

Three-in-One and one from three

curtain sundered

Voice of Thunder

claim the prize for which You died

we your Body, we your Bride

i in You and You in me

we your children standing free

joined in You eternally