“i’ve got this friend”

’cause i’m on a civil wars kick.

i’ve got this friend.”

isn’t that a cute song?

don’t mind me, these are just wednesday ramblings.

y’know those people who just have lovely, picturesque lives and do fascinating things, then write sentence fragment-style facebook status updates about them? yes, you do. it’s like writing a photograph — each period is a shutterclick.

well, i’m too long-winded to do that. but today was a good day — i saw a rosy, fiery sunrise; wore a dress and felt like a sombre alice in wonderland; watched the morning light on the grass as i drank coffee, ate toast and read some of solomon’s proverbs; played the piano; incoherently explained our lawnmower to a very kind friend who mowed all our grass; worked; learned that tonic water fluoresces under a black light because of the quinine in it; worked some more; went to the johnson county library book sale and found four lovely books for $1 each, including a 1945 edition of james thurber’s “the white deer” (i collect old books in general and thurber in particular); went grocery shopping; fixed dinner; talked on the phone and managed to be incoherent again (that is the inevitable result when i’m confronted with a telephone call); tried to find a car jack in the garage and found a cherry pitter; sorted germany photos; watched “the mouse that roared” and ate my first peach of the season.

it was a beautiful, funny, quirky day, all in all.