never, for always

You never take Your eyes from me.

You see every hair on my head,

the brown ones, the bronze ones, the silver,

know how many of each there are.

You see every scar of my body

outside and in, mind and heart.

You hear all my words before i say them,

the ones i never speak but mean.

You know things i’ll never know

about myself — and love me,

despite everything man calls logic.

You died so i could live.

You gave Yourself up so i could gain You.

so You could gain me.

like a madman delirious with love

You joyfully chased after me,

even though i betrayed You

at every crooked corner i could take.

but You never took Your eyes from me.

You never did, through all the pain,

through the tearing of His eyes from Yours.

You died — the price that was mine

that i could never pay. can never repay.

to death’s horror, he couldn’t keep You.

he couldn’t even touch You.

You are Life itself. You are Love unrestrained.

You are the wildest, sweetest song i could

ever hope to sing. and You never end.

i am Yours and You are mine, simply.

nothing has the power to extract One

from the other. there is but One now.

that is reality, even in my antipathy.

nothing can change it. nobody. i can’t.

You never take Your eyes from me.

You never take Yourself from me.