the fifth declension, or music for quirky moods

some days i wish i could write songs and sing and play the piano. i mean, well enough all at the same time that someone would actually listen. i wish i had someone to sing with regularly. we could call ourselves “the fifth declension” and have lovely harmonies. maybe two- or three-part, because having “fifth” in the name allows for more than two people. or maybe i could learn the harmonica or something weird and wonderful like the glockenspiel (or maybe just the shaker egg) and other people could play the guitar and piano.

but as an alto soloist with a whispery voice who is trying to break out of 14 years of classical lessons and learn to improvise with chords, i am not making much headway.

so on those days, i listen to people who actually can sing and play at the same time. here, for your enjoyment, are some of them.

jj heller:

audrey assad:

lucy schwartz:

a fine frenzy:

the civil wars:

elizabeth & the catapult:

the weepies:

the decemberists:


belle and sebastian:

owl city:

fiction family:

nickel creek: