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i love making musical associations.

when i hear robert schumann’s “von fremden laendern und menschen” i am twelve years old again, shy and wide-eyed on my first trip to germany.

when i hear anberlin’s “symphony of blase” i am lying on my back on the top bunk in an air-conditioned room at the st. pancras station youth hostel in london, and out the window in front me, across the street, i can see the british library. i’m about to be a junior in college.

when i listen to nickel creek’s album “this side” it’s the days of theatre, the days when i remembered i wanted to fence, the days when i began musical explorations of my own. the days when i started writing really bad poetry.

when i listen to nickel creek’s album “why should the fire die?” it is autumn and we are driving in the country with the windows rolled down. i am arguing with my little brother just because we have fun arguing.

when i listen to landon pigg’s “falling in love at a coffeeshop” it’s summer and we’re driving through little towns in new jersey. i am about to discover what dead jellyfish look like and that i love winesap apples.

when i listen to noah and the whale’s album “the first days of spring” it’s dark and the snow drifts in minnesota have crested and cracked high above the road. we’re driving to mayo clinic. but the stars are there somewhere.

when i listen to the civil wars’ album “barton hollow” it’s dark again and i’m sitting sideways in an airplane seat uncomfortably half asleep, but drifting into a fairy tale because i just watched “tangled” and i’m flying to germany, the place where fairy tales start. and a place with claims on my heart.

when i listen to mewithYou’s album “brother, sister” it’s dim and raining and about to be Easter no matter what reality tells me. and i’m always wearing a sweater.