marvelous thing #1

today has been a beautiful, exciting, peaceful, relaxing day (for me, at least). it has rained a great deal of the day. i got to putter around a craft store with my mum. i got to sing songs to a beautiful Person with three amazingly talented people in rehearsal for the worship through music time at church tomorrow. i sang wordless songs in the car all the way home, playing games against the beat of my windshield wipers. i sat on my bed and quietly read a magazine. i played “somewhere over the rainbow” on the piano. i wore a frilly dress. i ran barefoot through the rain in said frilly dress with my dear friend tabby and at the end of our path was a garden full of roses. there was a wedding going on in the pavilion and we probably shouldn’t have been in there but we were anyway and took time to smell a few of the beautiful rain-wet jewels hanging on the bushes. i got to talk with my sisters and beep and buzz at my nephew as he discovered what sounds my nose makes. i saw an awesome afternoon after-storm sky melt into a dazzling sunset. i tasted autumn. i drank earl grey out of a mug from oxford university.

i felt quite alive.