and noun you know

hey! boycott that maverick leotard-wearing silhouette — he’s eating a sandwich in a lamborghini, for pete’s sake!

oh no, wait  — it gets even worse! his wife’s sitting next to him in a cardigan and bloomers, combing the shrapnel out of his sideburns. pull on your wellington boots and rev up your zeppelins, boys; i think this couple of dunces deserves the guillotine.

— — — — —

no, i did not just lose my mind. most of the nouns in those two paragraphs, however, were named for the people who either created or became otherwise historically associated with them.

all of this i learned through a witty and charming video by npr’s robert krulwich and his guest adam cole, which i originally saw on brain pickings (which is a strangely addictive and fascinating website that you should probably visit). the word nerd, graphic design lover and music enthusiast in me all give you three “huzzahs!” for your cleverness, gentlemen.

and my first name would turn out to be connected to the surname now better recognized as an antiquated piece of shapeless skivvitry. oh well.