in dreams

i dreamed last night that i died.

it was at night, dark, and raining. i was driving. apparently i hit something.

there was music, not in the car. there was light, not man-made.

i knew the car was careening toward something. i knew it was crumpling.

i knew my soul was separating from my body.

i knew it didn’t hurt. i knew exactly where i was going.

the disappointing part was that the dream shifted before i got to see Jesus.

as with most dreams, i wonder what the purpose of that one was, if indeed it had a purpose.

a few things are necessary, and, really, only one.

and it’s Him.

when i wake up on the other side of tomorrow, however far or close that may be, i will really get to see Him.

am i anticipating, longing for that day?

maybe that was the purpose.