sing the world to rest

i drifted to sleep last night then woke up in the wee sma’s with a ragingly sore throat. drifted in and out again until just before 7, when i realized i would not be singing with the worship team this morning. not being able to sing is difficult for me, so i made some kind of joyful noise from my seat.

my heart is Yours for life
i need Your hand in mine
no one else will do

three pieces of my heart are moving to taiwan wednesday to begin volume two of their great adventures with the Master Planner of all Adventures.

i much prefer natural light to artificial light. if there are sunbeams streaming through the window, no matter how wan they may be, i don’t like light bulbs harshening up things.

when i am tempted to be irritated or annoyed with men, i remember that i and my fellow womankind probably annoy them just as much. touche. it is oddly comforting.

sunday solitude, sunday sleep — two blessed, blissful things.

some days we all are blessed
we sing the world to rest
until the moon shines through
the broken window pane
and calls you back again

— harper simon, the audit