live: real

“authenticity in writing will only arise from authenticity in living.

“one of our great problems today is that we have gotten caught up in our culture-wide quest for authenticity. we want our jeans authentic (pre-ripped at the factory), we want our apples authentic (grown locally instead of somewhere else), we want our music authentic (underground bands nobody ever heard of), we want our lettuce authentic (organically manured), we want our literature authentic (full of angst), we want our movies authentic (subtitles), and we want our coffee tables authentic (purchased from a genuine peasant while we were on some eco-tour). in short, we are a bunch of phonies. we are superficial all the way down.

“we are not going to get out of this snare until we see the quest for authenticity for what it is — a hypocrisy factory, cranking out tight-weave superficiality by the yard.”

— douglas wilson, wordsmithy