car songs

my repertoire of songs to sing in the car and/or shower has a lot of broadway musical numbers. sadly, altos seem to be the heroines in musicals about as often as basses are the heroes, so sometimes (often) the top octave or so of what should be high, strong, dramatic notes comes out squeaky and (thankfully) almost inaudible.

this song, though, from Jesus Christ, Superstar, lends itself well to being sung in a lower octave. i’ve never seen this show, and don’t really care to, but with a little lyrical tweaking (because as written the lyrics say Jesus was just a man, and don’t acknowledge that He was fully God and fully man at the same time without contradiction) it’s a pretty decent song.

and fun to sing. ranks up there almost with “i dreamed a dream” from les miserables — and it doesn’t go so high, either.

— — —