alive to enjoy

ladies and gentlemen, i’ve done something rash.

i’ve gone and started a tumblr. as though i needed one more form of social media to tend.

actually, i started it as a form of personal reminder. i was created for the purpose of enjoying God, and enjoying and communing (what an odd word) with Him through the rest of His creation.

i forget a lot that this is my purpose for being alive. then i get sad and grumpy and angry and irritated. that isn’t what i was made for.

so, i started this tumblr to post at least one thing a day that brings me joy, whether in general or on that day specifically. it is not meant to be a complex thing — just a simple record of delights.

“all good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above
so thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord
for all His love.”
we plow the fields and scatter 

He created me for a life incredible, vivid, excellent, and i am alive to enjoy.