three-foot-tall delights

delightful observations yesterday of a gloriously joyful, very special little girl.

and then more adventures today with small people. a little charmer with crystal blue eyes, a bright pink dress, red painted toenails and sparkly sandals held my hand in the church buffet lunch line.

“this is fruit salad,” i said.

“i want some of that,” she said.

“do you like tomatoes?”

“no, i don’t like those. but i, i like bwoccoli now.”

baby carrots, an orange wedge. a piece of peeled zucchini — brave child.

“this is tuna salad —”

“i want some.”

“now this is quinoa — it’s kind of like —”

“i don’t want any of that.”

i refused to eat lettuce as a child, so i suppose i can’t blame her for not being more culinarily adventurous.

“who made these?” she asked of the tray loaded with cookies.

“i think sam’s club did.”

“well, maybe i can have one after i eat my other food.”

maybe she did.

then there was the almost two-year-old darling who crumbled his oatmeal raisin cookie into his little piles of rice, pulled pork and barbecue sauce, got crumbs all over his pants and then, very meticulously, wiped them all off with his napkin.

later he unabashedly sneaked brownies … though is it sneaking if you don’t try to hide it?

at any rate, with his clear blue-green-brown eyes and mile-long lashes, it was very difficult to think him anything but adorable.