God created the silver, shining sliver of moon and the two diamond stars i saw hanging in the sky tonight.

He created brown skin, black skin, yellow skin, red skin —- and the whitey-white skin that turns bright pink in the sun.

He created that weird sour smell fabric gets when it doesn’t dry properly.

He created music. in heaven, i think we might be able to sing in twelve-part harmony.

He created the lightning-fast ant that paused for a moment to do the hokey pokey on the page of the book i was reading this afternoon.

He created the trees with lacey-white blossoms that look like a bridal veil. He created the trees with shocking purple buds.

He created angler fish, and naked mole rats, blue macaws and amoebas, strawberries and turnips, sheep and mastodons, beethoven, einstein and charles darwin, the gobi desert and niagara falls.

He created me. and you. and loves us both, even though we are absolutely incapable of loving Him and being in awe of Him to the degree He deserves.

there is no “He loves me not” daisy petal game with God. He always loves —- passionately, completely, beautifully, perfectly. everything He created is meant to say to us, “this is who I Am. I love you,” so that we can me amazed and say back to Him, “You’re majestic and amazing. i love You.”

He created my mind, my heart and my soul. He gave me the gift of being the particular, specific me that i am, in this corner of the tapestry of time and space, so i could be found by Him.

“i am my Beloved’s, and He is mine.”

i love You.